My creative career began in 1995, when a happy three-year-old Gun drew an absolute garbage drawing that my kindergarten teacher praised like the Mona Lisa. It was taped onto the refrigerator and after that, there was no going back. Creating is what I love, whether it's animations, illustrations, branding or design. 

I studied media communication which gave me a deeper understanding of the industry and theoretical knowledge. Realizing that I craved to produce and create more, I then studied Motion Graphics at Hyper Island, after which I interned at lovely Brikk. I'm now working as a freelance animator and illustrator based in Stockholm. In august 2017, I teamed up four other creatives and together we got our own studio. I've worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Bonnierförlagen, Svensk Kollektivtrafik, Baxter and Åhléns.

Work inquiries & love letters can be sent to hi@gunkarlsson.com

2018: Received a grant from Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden for an illustration project in Morocco
2017: Participated in Emojibook,a collection of artist interpretations of emojis. 
2017: Six Impossible Wishes: A Human World Map, an international illustration exhibition in Greece.
2016: Interview with Ballpit Mag who interviews selected illustrators about the industry and their work.